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Sapphire Sea

Sapphire Sea

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  • Spirit of the West
  • Way of the World
  • Selfless, Cold and Composed
  • Only a Dream in Rio/Mexico
  • Blues for Alice
  • Sapphire Sea
  • Bye Bye Blackbird
  • Stolen Ideas
  • Two for the Road

The Humber College Vocal Jazz Combo
Directed by Trish Colter

  • All Songs Recorded at Humber Studios on April 25 and 28, 2011
  • Recorded and Mastered by Andy Pryde
  • Mixed by Andy Pryde and Trish Colter
  • Produced by Trish Colter

Bye Bye Blackbird Recorded at Humber Studios 2011

  • Recorded by Nathan Moore
  • Produced by Ella Klis

Photography by Paul Read
Album Design by Heather Jean


Andrew Aitchison, Alanna J Brown, Catlin Chin, Young Choi, Meg Contini, Brodie Cuff, Danny Fong, Rob McLaren, Lydia Persaud, Stacey Sang

Rhythm Section

Piano – Anthony Brancati, Guitar – Scott McGoveran, Bass – Yongwon Cho, Drums – Jason Fonger, Percussion – Juan Carlos Medrano

Track Information

  1.  Spirit of the West
    music by Russell Ferrante
    Kalabash Music, La Viera Music, Teeth Music
    adapted for voices by Trish Colter
    solos:  Meg Contini,  Stacey Sang,  Yongwon  Cho,  Scott McGoveran
  2. Way of the World
    music and lyrics by White/ White/ Stepney
    Eibur Music, Embassy Music Corporation
    arranged by Meader/Fox/Sadin
    solos: all Voices And Scott McGoveran
  3. Selfless, Cold and Composed
    music and lyrics by Ben Folds
    Sony/ ATV Songs LLC
    arranged by Kerry Marsh
    solos: Andrew Aitchison, Danny Fong,  Stacey  Sang
  4. Only A Dream in Rio/ Mexico
    music and lyrics by James Taylor
    Country Road Music, Inc.
    arranged by Trish Colter
    solos: Brodie  Cuff,  Scott  McGoveran,  Anthony Brancati, Catlin Chin
  5. Blues for Alice
    music by Charlie Parker, Lyrics by Jason Fonger
    Public Domain
    arranged by Jason Fonger
    featuring  Andrew Aitchison,  Young Choi, Catlin Chin,  Lydia  Persaud
    solos: Catlin Chin,  Jason Fonger  (vocalese  and drums),  Anthony Brancati, Yongwon  Cho, Young Choi, Lydia  Persaud
  6. Sapphire Sea
    composed and arranged by Trish Colter
    solos:  Young Choi, Catlin Chin,  Jason Fonger
  7. Bye Bye Blackbird
    music by Ray Henderson, lyrics by Mort Dixon
    Redwood Music
    arranged by Danny Fong
    featuring   Alanna J Brown, Meg Contini,  Brodie Cuff,  Danny Fong,  Rob McLaren, Stacey  Sang
    solo: Meg Contini
  8. Stolen Ideas
    music by Yongwon Cho
    solos: Yongwon Cho,  Scott McGoveran, Anthony Brancati, Juan Carlos Medrano
  9. Two For The Road
    Music by Henry Mancini,  Lyrics By Leslie Bricusse
    Northridge Music Co
    Arranged By Rob McLaren
    solo: Brodie  Cuff


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