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Trish Colter Choral Jazz Arrangements

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Below are examples of Trish’s arrangements and compositions- purchase may be dependent upon permissions licensing.

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Levels of Difficulty

  • D=difficult
  • MD= medium to difficult
  • M=medium
  • ME-medium to easy
  • E=easy

Voicings give the minimum number of voices needed to sing the chart-in many cases most of the charts are SATB except for a few bars of 5 to 8 part harmony.

All recordings by the Humber College Vocal Jazz Combo.

    • Mar Grande
    Mar Grande Level: D (SSAATTB)
    A complex and joyous Brazilian-influenced arrangement on the wonderful Gord Sheard tune from his album All Saints’ Bay. A great feature for rhythm section with wordless vocals, requiring a soprano and tenor section with a high range. A vocal recording is imminent, but in the meantime enjoy Gord’s recording and visit his website at to hear his other beautiful compositions and recordings. You can purchase his CD at
    • Afro Blue
    Afro Blue Level: D (SAATTB)
    An Afro-Cuban medium tempo with unusual, interesting harmonies and a challenging line for an acoustic bass player.
    • At Long Last Love
    At Long Last Love Level: D (SSAATTBarB)
    An unusual treatment of this Cole Porter classic.Uptempo 12/8 Afro-Cuban feel with a very challenging bass line, featuring tenor saxophone and trumpet and a soprano or alto voice. Published by Sounds Music Publications – go to to purchase.
    • Come Rain or Come Shine
    Come Rain or Come Shine (arranged with Paul Read) Level: MD (SAATTB)
    A fresh approach to this classic, with a wonderful funk/latin groove, a cool piano/bass line with a feature for solo alto and tenor voices.
    • Doodlin'
    Doodlin’ Level: M (SAATB)
    A fun arrangement of the Horace Silver blues with Jon Hendricks lyrics, which includes the Lambert, Hendricks and Ross vocalese. This chart offers lots of opportunities to feature solo voices.
    • Effendi
    Effendi Level: M (SATB)
    McCoy Tyner’s uptempo modal swing with Kurt Elling lyrics, featuring close harmonies with plenty of opportunities for solos.
    • Everything I Love
    Everything I Love Level: M (SATB) (SAATB) A straight eighth version of the Cole Porter standard featuring a soprano voice with wonderful background vocal lines based on the Paul Read sextet arrangement for voice, flugel and soprano saxophone. (recording of Trish Colter Sextet – vocal choral arrangement recording coming soon!)
    • Footprints
    Footprints Level: MD (SSATTB)
    Based on the great Wayne Shorter tune, with Kitty Margolis lyrics, this features a bass line for an electric or acoustic player, dense harmonies and a shout chorus featuring drums.
    • Guinnivere
    Guinnivere Level: D (SSAATTB)
    A beautiful re-harmonization of this classic Crosby, Stills and Nash tune in 5/4 with a wonderful feature for acoustic guitar and tenor voice and a short a cappella section.
  • Heartbreaker Level: M (SAATTB)
    Based on the wonderful tune composed and recorded by Carol Welsman on her 1995 Juno- nominated album Lucky to be Me, this chart has a very cool funk/ hip-hop groove with wonderful harmonies and lots of opportunity for solos.
    To listen to Carol’s Recording, go to
    Published by Sounds Music Publications – go to to purchase.
    • Home Cookin'
    Home Cookin’ Level: M (SSATTB)
    A fun chart based on the Horace Silver tune with lyrics by Jon Hendricks and a male/female shout section. Includes an optional challenging vocalise for soloists or unison voices with Hendrick’s clever lyric on Hank Mobley’s classic solo.
    • Mambo Inn
    Mambo Inn Level: M (SAATTB)
    An uptempo latin with syllables instead of lyrics. Lots of energy in this chart and a great feature for rhythm section and optional percussion. An excellent opener or closer!
  • Mambo Inn Level: ME (SAAT)
    An SAT version-with easier harmonies.
    • Moonray
    Moonray Level: M (SAATTB)
    A funky latin groove with a great guitar/bass line and an Afro-Cuban feel in the bridge. This is a great feature for an alto or soprano voice.
    Published by Sounds Music Publications – go to to purchase.
    • Naima
    Naima Level: M (SATB) (SAATTBarB)
    The beautiful Coltrane ballad with Jon Hendricks lyrics features a baritone voice.
    • Nica's Dream
    Nica’s Dream Level: MD (SAATTB)
    Inspired by the Dee Dee Bridgewater recording “Love and Peace – A Tribute To Horace Silver “ An uptempo latin with a soprano feature and a fun shout chorus.
    • Only a Dream in Rio/Mexico
    Only A Dream in Rio/Mexico Level: MD (SSAATTB)
    A beautiful re-harmonization of the these two wonderful songs from James Taylor. A great feature for one or two strong tenor voices and acoustic guitar, and some added latin percussion if desired.
    • Sapphire Sea
    Sapphire Sea Level: D (SSAATTB)
    An original composition, with lush dense harmonies, opening and closing a cappella sections, a complex chord progression and meters moving from 5/4 to3/4. Sure to challenge an advanced group.
    • Sing a Song of Song
    Sing A Song Of Song Level: M (SAATB)
    A wordless treatment of the wonderful medium-up straight eighth recording from Kenny Garrett’s” Songbook “. Some four part harmony, but lots of unison voices with a counter line weaving in and out of the melody.
    • Soulville
    Soulville Level: D (SAATBarB)
    Inspired by the Dee Dee Bridgewater recording “ Love and Peace- A Tribute To Horace Silver “ this is a a very cool medium slow swing which begins in unison and has a challenging vocal soli shout chorus.
    • Woodstock/Long Time Gone
    Woodstock/ Long Time Gone Level: MD (SSAATTB)
    A wonderful pairing of the Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills and Nash hits from the 60’s. Woodstock is a ballad with a soprano feature and Long Time Gone is a 6/8 uptempo swing with a tenor feature.