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Trish Colter Choral Jazz Arrangements

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Below are examples of Trish’s arrangements and compositions- purchase may be dependent upon permissions licensing.

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Levels of Difficulty

  • D=difficult
  • MD= medium to difficult
  • M=medium
  • ME-medium to easy
  • E=easy

Voicings give the minimum number of voices needed to sing the chart-in many cases most of the charts are SATB except for a few bars of 5 to 8 part harmony.

All recordings by the Humber College Vocal Jazz Combo except where indicated.

    • Afro Blue
    Afro Blue Level: D (SAATTB)
    An Afro-Cuban medium tempo with unusual, interesting harmonies and a challenging line for an acoustic bass player.
    • At Long Last Love
    At Long Last Love Level: D (SSAATTBarB)
    An unusual treatment of this Cole Porter classic.Uptempo 12/8 Afro-Cuban feel with a very challenging bass line, featuring tenor saxophone and trumpet and a soprano or alto voice. Published by Sounds Music Publications – go to to purchase.
  • Bahian Lullaby Level: D (SAATTB)
    A beautiful Brazilian song by Gord Sheard from his album All Saints Bay. A medium Afro- waltz with lyrics written by Trish Colter. Lots of solo and unison for the voices with a complex harmonic structure underneath. To hear Gord’s original instrumental version and  hear his other beautiful compositions and recordings, visit his website at to purchase his CD Choral Demo recording coming soon.
    • Come Rain or Come Shine
    Come Rain or Come Shine (arranged with Paul Read) Level: MD (SAATTB)
    A fresh approach to this classic, with a wonderful funk/latin groove, a cool piano/bass line with a feature for solo alto and tenor voices.
    • Doodlin'
    Doodlin’ Level: M (SAATB)
    A fun arrangement of the Horace Silver blues with Jon Hendricks lyrics, which includes the Lambert, Hendricks and Ross vocalese. This chart offers lots of opportunities to feature solo voices.
    • Effendi
    Effendi Level: M (SATB)
    McCoy Tyner’s uptempo modal swing with Kurt Elling lyrics, featuring close harmonies with plenty of opportunities for solos.
    • Everything I Love
    Everything I Love Level: M (SATB) (SAATB) A straight eighth version of the Cole Porter standard featuring a soprano voice with wonderful background vocal lines based on the Paul Read sextet arrangement for voice, flugel and soprano saxophone. (recording of Trish Colter Sextet – vocal choral arrangement recording coming soon!)
    • Footprints
    Footprints Level: MD (SSATTB)
    Based on the great Wayne Shorter tune, with Kitty Margolis lyrics, this features a bass line for an electric or acoustic player, dense harmonies and a shout chorus featuring drums.
  • For the Three of Us Level: MD (SAATTB)
    Based on the Paul Read instrumental tune, this is a medium waltz with a beautiful harmonic structure and wordless vocals. To hear the original solo vocal version, listen to the vocal recording on At Long Last Love on this website or on Paul Read‘s website to listen to an instrumental version on The Heart of SummerNote: the vocal choral  demo is without repeats and goes directly to the coda after the head
    • Guinnivere
    Guinnivere Level: D (SSAATTB)
    A beautiful re-harmonization of this classic Crosby, Stills and Nash tune in 5/4 with a wonderful feature for acoustic guitar and tenor voice and a short a cappella section.
  • Heartbreaker Level: M (SAATTB)
    Based on the wonderful tune composed and recorded by Carol Welsman on her 1995 Juno- nominated album Lucky to be Me, this chart has a very cool funk/ hip-hop groove with wonderful harmonies and lots of opportunity for solos.
    To listen to Carol’s Recording, go to
    Published by Sounds Music Publications – go to to purchase.
    • Home Cookin'
    Home Cookin’ Level: M (SSATTB)
    A fun chart based on the Horace Silver tune with lyrics by Jon Hendricks and a male/female shout section. Includes an optional challenging vocalise for soloists or unison voices with Hendrick’s clever lyric on Hank Mobley’s classic solo.
    • Mambo Inn
    Mambo Inn Level: M (SAATTB)
    An uptempo latin with syllables instead of lyrics. Lots of energy in this chart and a great feature for rhythm section and optional percussion. An excellent opener or closer!
  • Mambo Inn Level: ME (SAAT)
    An SAT version-with easier harmonies.
    • Mar Grande
    Mar Grande Level: D (SSAATTB)
    A complex and joyous Brazilian-influenced arrangement on the wonderful Gord Sheard tune from his album All Saints’ Bay. A great feature for rhythm section with wordless vocals, requiring a soprano and tenor section with a high range. A vocal recording is imminent, but in the meantime enjoy Gord’s recording and visit his website at to hear his other beautiful compositions and recordings. You can purchase his CD at
    • Moonray
    Moonray Level: M (SAATTB)
    A funky latin groove with a great guitar/bass line and an Afro-Cuban feel in the bridge. This is a great feature for an alto or soprano voice.
    Published by Sounds Music Publications – go to to purchase.
    • Naima
    Naima Level: M (SATB) (SAATTBarB)
    The beautiful Coltrane ballad with Jon Hendricks lyrics features a baritone voice.
    • Nica's Dream
    Nica’s Dream Level: MD (SAATTB)
    Inspired by the Dee Dee Bridgewater recording “Love and Peace – A Tribute To Horace Silver “ An uptempo latin with a soprano feature and a fun shout chorus.
    • Only a Dream in Rio/Mexico
    Only A Dream in Rio/Mexico Level: MD (SSAATTB)
    A beautiful re-harmonization of the these two wonderful songs from James Taylor. A great feature for one or two strong tenor voices and acoustic guitar, and some added latin percussion if desired.
    • Sapphire Sea
    Sapphire Sea Level: D (SSAATTB)
    An original composition, with lush dense harmonies, opening and closing a cappella sections, a complex chord progression and meters moving from 5/4 to3/4. Sure to challenge an advanced group.
    • Sing a Song of Song
    Sing A Song Of Song Level: M (SAATB)
    A wordless treatment of the wonderful medium-up straight eighth recording from Kenny Garrett’s” Songbook “. Some four part harmony, but lots of unison voices with a counter line weaving in and out of the melody.
    • Soulville
    Soulville Level: D (SAATBarB)
    Inspired by the Dee Dee Bridgewater recording “ Love and Peace- A Tribute To Horace Silver “ this is a a very cool medium slow swing which begins in unison and has a challenging vocal soli shout chorus.
  • Waltz for Kelly Level: D (SATTB)
  • Lyrics have been added to this wonderful song by Paul Read. A truly beautiful and challenging melody, with a complex harmonic structure – this one is for advanced groups. Listen to instrumental versions (jazz orchestra or quartet) on Paul Read‘s website. Vocal Choral Demo recording coming soon
    • Woodstock/Long Time Gone
    Woodstock/ Long Time Gone Level: MD (SSAATTB)
    A wonderful pairing of the Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills and Nash hits from the 60’s. Woodstock is a ballad with a soprano feature and Long Time Gone is a 6/8 uptempo swing with a tenor feature.